Women & LGBTQ+ Conferences

Welcome to the Women and LQBTQ+ conferences of Students Leadership Conference. In the 21st century and our current society, this is the most important part of our family. This is our joint effort towards a safer and socially acceptable society for women and LGBTQ+ society.

This is the most important part of our Students Leadership conference filled with the most active and morally strong members, who have stood firm in face of all the challenges. We have representations from all over the states, from all the different cultures, religions, and ethnics groups, and all working towards a common goal of a better society for our colleagues.

This is a common platform for all the women and LGBTQ+ members of our family to join hands and together work on the solutions for all the problems faced by them in every walk of life. These platforms help them all to join and work with help of each other towards a secure society where everyone can enjoy peace and harmony.

Women’s rights are unfortunately and undoubtedly, the most neglected factor in our society. Even in this modern world, it is a shame that we still face the challenges of harassment and targeted crimes. For that very reason, women from all walks of life need to stand together for their birth rights. The main goal is to educate and spread awareness in youth regarding the status and respect of women in society.

LGBTQ+ members are still facing the most hate crimes than many other sections combined. The main reason is that there is a group of people who are still not mature enough to get their minds over the thought of accepting people as they are and let them choose the way to their happiness and satisfaction. This conference gives us a platform to learn from each other, know about their perspective and how they see the world around them, know more about the challenges faced by others, and work towards a secure future for all of us. Our motto is “Love your sister, not just Cis-ter”.

The main goal is to share our experiences and encourage each other to stand firm. We all have faced these challenges, everyone’s fighting their wars but there’s nothing that can stop us from keep fighting.

Currently, in our Women and LGBTQ+ Conferences, we have two main divisions, both working passionately towards empowering women and LGBTQ+ sections of society.

Our family includes

  • United Collegiate Women’s Leadership Conference
  • National Student Leadership Diversity Convention Pride
Women empowerment and leadership training at UCWLC
United Collegiate Women’s Leadership Conference

UCWLC is a very active conference that works for the main goal of empowering women from all walks of life. Here we believe that United women can achieve those goals which individuals can’t. We together learn from each other and meet the leader within ourselves to guide us to achieve our goals. This is a transforming process that helps women acquire skills to shine on an individual level while working as a team. Learn more by clicking the button below.

NSLDC Pride Conference Attendees
National Student Leadership Diversity Convention Pride

NSLDC Pride is the extension of NSLDC which solely represents the LGBTQ+ community and together works for the challenges faced by them in all walks of life in any form. Students are provided with the skillset with which they can stand against any kind of anti-LGBTQ bigotry or discrimination. We empower our students to become the helping hands and allies for other members of LGBTQ+ society to develop a safer environment for everyone. Learn more by clicking the button below.


Our Women and LGBTQ+ Conferences are working hard towards making society a better place to live. Helping students with the tools and support to face the challenges and helping others. We invite you all to send your proposals to us and be a part of our beautiful family.